Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Don't Even Want To Be Here.

Well, here I am.

My name is Learell Faulk. I'm not exactly sure how my first name was meant to be pronounced but we all voice it as (Luh-rel). The last name can be tricky also. Just make sure it rhymes with talk or chalk and not truck or ladyluck and you should good to go, depending on your definition of good.

A few hours ago, I had no idea about what or why to blog. Blogging, to me, seemed to be little more than another username and password combination to forget. Heck, I struggle filling up 140 characters on Twitter so how am I supposed to blog? Sure, I enjoy reading the occasional blog that finds it's way into my Twitter timeline by my new friends Mike Ellis, John Dobbs, Marshall Jones, Jr and several others but for the most part, I skipped over them and figured I would just post whatever I wanted to say directly to whatever held the title of social network du jour and save myself another process.

Until something absolutely amazing happened. What you ask?

Well, here it is.

Actually, nothing even close to amazing happened. Unless you consider jealously feeling left off the bandwagon amazing. So what? Yeah, I tend to thrive on whatever is the hot topic for the moment and sure, at some point in my 30 years I have considered myself to have been everything from your typical baseball card collector to a self-proclaimed connoisseur of WWII rifles. Why? Because it was neat at the time and even more, it grasped my attention...or the disorderly deficit thereof.

So, here we go.

I'm off on another trip known as blogging. Yes, I have a lot to say. I named this blog "Unfiltered Learell." because that, in an all-to-often horrible attempt at good taste, is who I am. If my blogs suck, tell me. If they don't suck, tell somebody else. If I suck, then you suck.

Either way, you gotta read to find out.

Welcome to my Blog. (Bienvenidos.)


  1. Looking forward to reading your unfiltered thoughts!

  2. Well Luh-rel... I love your perspective so far. I look forward to checking out more. Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you (related to blogging). Seriously... you seem like you don't suck so bad... so I'm happy to help!