Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: I Will Not Make A Baby This Year

So I did it again. I stuck my foot in mouth on twitter last night. I was asked for my New Year's Resolutions so, without thinking, I rattled off a few things that I'd like to do in 2011. Some of them are drastic life-changes and some of them aren't major changes for me or for anyone else but maybe some of these things will help me overcome some inconsistencies in my life. So, I've made a list of 10 in no particular order. Chew on this:

  1. I will write 50 blog posts this year, one per week, with a couple weeks off somewhere in there. I love blogging and reading blogs but have consistently been guilty of being sporadically inconsistent.
  2. I will read at least 20 books this year. Some people read 20 books a month. I am not sure if I have even read 20 books in my life, honestly. I've never been a fan of reading but I know the importance of reading and I am sure that this would help in some way. I also want my kids to see me reading more.
  3. I can and WILL weigh no more than 200 lbs by New Years 2012. This WILL happen. For me, for my family, for my friends, for ministry, for everything. #thatisall
  4. I vow to give away more things than I am given this year. I will keep track. I will remember.
  5. I will be a better husband and father than I am capable of being. How? I have no idea. I just know that I wanna be the best husband and father in the world, and then step it up.
  6. I will not dip into our "New York City Thanksgiving 2011" money jug. Just so you know, I love "things" and I impulse buy. Typically, a money jug in the corner of our dining room is like the stands at a Marlins's just not gonna fill up.
  7. I will participate in a 3-day, 20 mile hike in May at a weight of no more than 230 lbs and I will run a marathon this year.
  8. I will work on my scriptural study time and prayer life like I never have before. I've notice an unhealthy and self-created communication gap between God and myself. This isn't me and makes me uncomfortable. Hopefully I become uncomfortable enough to bring an end to it.
  9. I'm a sports addict and have occasionally put sporting events (televised or in-person) ahead of family and God. This will come to an end. I will continue to be a huge sports fan but my priorities will take a dramatic shift in the right direction.
  10. And lastly, this year I will: turn 31, not shave until May, purchase an iPad, pay off my truck and my cabin, not own a credit card, and not get my wife pregnant. We met in 2000, were married in 2002. My wife has been pregnant 6 times and at some point in every year, 2002-2010 with the exception of 2005....and 2011 :-)

I hope you enjoyed reading blog post 1 of at least 50. Please comment and RT! Thank you all so much for being my friends. Happy 2011!


  1. "I vow to give away more things than I am given this year."

    And this is why i vow to meet you this year. no, not so you can give me some of whatever it is you're

  2. Love the list bro! I'm pulling for you!